The Time is Now

Have a listen

These are unprecedented times.

It has been ages since I last spent 3 consecutive days at home, not once exiting my yard. It has also been quite some time (if ever) that my entire household does this. We have been locked down, locked in, cut off from normal life.

Reality is that this is necessary and that we should afford ourselves the time to reflect on what is happening.

Two points that I would like to focus on, both from 702 Talk Radio:

Firstly: The physical, emotional and resulting social impact that the lockdown would have on individuals, but also the economy and the world as a whole.

A few pointers:
1 – have a listen to the raw emotion in the voice of the Edcon CEO. He is a grown man who leads at least 10000 people. IF he feels this amount of pressure, imagine that small business owner.
2 – the knock-on effect that the host experiences tell me 80% of what he is thinking. This is an award-winning broadcaster, who cannot deal with the fact that life will change forever.
3 – we are all included in this


Secondly: Since we know what is going on, we should plan accordingly.

Now is not the time for rash, big decisions. Don’t make new debt. Don’t extend debt if not absolutely required. Luckily we cannot get out of our homes and buy luxuries, but this is not a time for such.

If you stop paying now, for whatever reason, you will pay MUCH more over time, and might not be in a position to afford it. Ensure that you keep a level head. Not even the banks know how to treat this. Have a listen:


Lastly: Don’t do nothing.

If you are employed, please do your work diligently. there are no guarantees in life, even more so now. Do your best and overachieve, it is the only way to remain in the position you are.

If you are unemployed, or you are unable to work currently due to the lockdown, upskill yourself. There are plenty of FREE online courses available (see below). Select a few and do as much as you can. Keep your mind fresh, otherwise, you will literally go insane. A house is a very small place…

Call someone if you need help.

Links to free courses:

Written by Rudolf Rautenbach

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