Becoming an entrepreneur

The name of this post may sound like a cliché, there are thousands of articles and books on how to become or how to be a better entrepreneur. So, what makes this post any different?

What I am going to highlight in the following paragraphs may not be new to you. What has changed dramatically is our context, the current state of our Nation. In these exceptional times, it is important to refresh your memory on the basics of entrepreneurship.

Some people may start from scratch, some may have a little capital to invest, for both there is a risk involved. You are risking your precious time on a venture that you are hoping will work. Starting your own business takes time and dedication.

The CEO always starts working earlier and nocks of later, why is this? The reason is that he or she is carrying the vision of the company. If the CEO doesn’t direct and focus the entire time, the company will not go forward or go forward in a direction that is not in line with the vision. When it is your company built on your vision you must take care of it like it is your baby. You will have to keep it in your mind always. So be ready to work, focus and fully apply your mind to your business.

This season is stretching our resources to the limit. With the lockdown our economy is basically going down the drain, there are people that are losing millions, and then there are people that can’t work anymore so they don’t get paid.

Everyone has their own problems, and it takes us totally out of our comfort zones. But isn’t that a place where you tend to fight and seek new opportunities to get yourself back into your comfort zone? I believe that outside of your comfort zone is a place where you would keep on exploring, you will work harder, you will get new ideas, and keep on learning.    So, keep on seeking your discomfort.

There are two brothers, one has no money, no hope, no vision, to say the least, he is poor. The other brother has vision, a lot of money, and hope. They asked the poor brother, why do you think you are in this situation with no money, no hope, and no vision?

He said that his parents were poor, they had no money for school fees, so what was he supposed to do? Then they asked the rich brother, why do you think you are in this situation with vision, loads of money, and hope?

He gave the exact same answer, he said his parents were poor, and that they had no money for school fees, so what was he supposed to do?

It is up to you how you answer that question, do not have a poor mindset, believe in yourself and in your ability to come out on top, have a vision for the future. Start with what you have, work harder than anybody else and keep on seeking discomfort, keep on coming up with new ideas for your business and keep on learning.

Like the famous saying goes, where there is a will, there is a way.