So, what’s next

Reality, that’s what is next!

The reality is that the lockdown period is in all probability going to be extended. The government thus far overachieved in their efforts to contain COVID-19 in South Africa, showing what could be done if we unite and start driving strategy in one, unified direction. This is something that was only previously seen during the 1994 elections, the Rugby World Cup triumphs of the Springboks, en the hosting of the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

It is halfway through this 21-day lockdown today. We are getting there. The exponential growth has diminished and we are able to focus on getting back a portion of what our previous reality was.

Spesres, and our sister companies, would be able to help with that.

During the week that lies ahead of us, we intend to launch our New Venture Creation course online. This would assist our current students to continue their studies even during the lockdown. One of the large mobile network providers is engineering reverse billing, which would make data usage to the students free. The final result:

  1. No disruption to studies
  2. No cost of education to students
  3. No data cost to students
  4. All-in-all: education continues as it was prior to 27 March 2020
I cannot wait!
Further to that, by 17 April 2020, we would enable all new potential students to enroll online. This is a fully automated process that guides the student through the nuts and bolts, and also get you to the course once successful. Again, all of this for FREE.
In addition, our sister companies DigiCampus and BDCE are hard at work digitizing several online courses. These range from full qualifications to workshops, and everything in-between. One can consider these courses as a learnership or for further studies as they are fully accredited SAQA courses. All of our courses are currently presented to learners in a classroom environment, while others are already available online. Once this launch takes place we will update you.
Lastly, and quite relevant at the moment, is the DigiCampus school curriculum. DigiTV has for years been the leading streaming provider to about 57 schools in the country. It provides the highest volume of live streaming on the continent and has production capability in all 9 provinces. From January we were recording classes in anticipation of our free offering of online classes from some of the top academic schools in South Africa. COVID-19 accelerated this drive and as a result, the formal launch date has been moved to 14 April 2020. Again, all classes in Afrikaans and English will be free. Zulu and Xhosa to follow soon afterward.
Truly, in turbulent times, people innovate. Who knows what the future holds.




Written by Rudolf Rautenbach

2 thoughts on “So, what’s next”

  1. All i can say is that GOD always takes a bad situation and turns it around< congrats proud to be part of this for ever growing company

  2. What the Spesres and its sister companies are doing for the South African youth is to be celebrated and be greatful,thankful for because it will change our lives for the better.This Covid-19 pandemic crisis will pass and we will get back to our normal contact sessions with our beloved facilitators but for now let’s just hold on to the online classes they do help

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