How exciting is this?!

It is all systems go for our students to go on with their training through a portal that costs them no money. A lot of effort went into getting our videos, our material and some guidance in a process that would prevent the 2020 group to continue with studies and thus not extend to longer …

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So, what’s next

Reality, that’s what is next! The reality is that the lockdown period is in all probability going to be extended. The government thus far overachieved in their efforts to contain COVID-19 in South Africa, showing what could be done if we unite and start driving strategy in one, unified direction. This is something that was …

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A New World Order

People are living in fear. People are scared. The fear of losing their lives, their loved ones, their work, their possessions. People fear the fact that things will change. As the saying goes, there is nothing to fear about change, but change itself. Remote working is at the order of the day. All companies that …

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Do not be an idiot

We are living in a rebel state Not since the transition from the apartheid government to the ANC governed democratic dispensation have we seen such a state of fear. The majority of residents understand that this would alter the course of the world significantly, while it seems other regard this situation as a holiday. See …

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BEE and the Economy

We all have a lot to say about COVID 19 and the current state of “lockdown”. Some of it is personal, some of it a conspiracy, portions opinions, lots of statistics and various different voices that have never before been heard. Social media is a spread of memes, jokes, heartache, news, and people publishing how …

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The Time is Now

Have a listen These are unprecedented times. It has been ages since I last spent 3 consecutive days at home, not once exiting my yard. It has also been quite some time (if ever) that my entire household does this. We have been locked down, locked in, cut off from normal life. Reality is that …

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