A New World Order

People are living in fear.
People are scared.
The fear of losing their lives, their loved ones, their work, their possessions.
People fear the fact that things will change.
As the saying goes, there is nothing to fear about change, but change itself.

Remote working is at the order of the day. All companies that could continue with business in some shape or form is currently trying to establish ways and mechanisms to continue remotely.

A Harvard Business Review highlights the following:

  1. Challenges of remote work:
    1. Lack of face-to-face supervision
    2. Lack of access to information
    3. Social isolation
    4. Distractions at home
  2. How managers can support remote employees:
    1. Establish structured daily check-ins
    2. Provide several different communication technology options
    3. establish rules of engagement
    4. provide opportunities for remote social interaction
    5. Offer encouragement and emotional support
What is clear from the above it that no one actually can prepare you fully for remote working. We do not know how long the lockdown will remain in its current state. We do not know how things will change from before to after this lockdown. What we DO know, is that things will probably never be the same.
WE need to adapt. WE need to change. WE need to be inward-looking.
For us, as human beings, our families, our relationships and our work to succeed, it is imperative that we renew our thinking. Some might have this, but most of us do not. Reach out to your sub-ordinates. You be the change. And think about how you can improve processes, procedures, and principles.
Everything in life happens for a reason. I do not know what the reason for COVID19 is, but I can only please the hand that was dealt to me. I will use this as an opportunity. Let us change for the better.

With reference to https://hbr.org/2020/03/a-guide-to-managing-your-newly-remote-workers 

Written by Rudolf Rautenbach

3 thoughts on “A New World Order”

  1. Good day Sir

    I trust that you are well evidently you’ve put a lot of thought during this time,I just have a few questions.

    1.How does this affect campus life?
    2.When will this take effect?
    3.If possible can we (facilitators) record our own video to our students and perhaps have conference calls to give feedback to them.

    This is all for now.

    1. Hi Galaletsang

      Good to hear from you. The system went live today and we are providing the data to the students. It is important that you support your group with their assignments and portfolio. Your regional manager will be in contact

  2. Lindokuhle Ndhlovu

    I would first give my gratitude and appreciation of such good work and thinking to go online with the course.

    I like the idea of studying online but I have little opinion,I think each campus sjould have its own link as were are not moving the same on our modules that would give an easy access to internet and also easy communication between students and us as facilitators and also be able to answer questions related to each campus online.

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