Do you want to work from home when Lockdown is over?

It came to my attention that at the beginning of the lockdown, there has been a lot of talk amongst the citizens of South Africa about how they will work from home, and will it be possible? I will tell you how – You have to set rules, goals, and tasks whereby you can measure your output and create a daily routine for yourself.

When the lockdown started it came across that a lot of people were scared of the changes that this period is going to bring to our normal lives. Change for some is easier than for others. I believe sometimes change is good. In a recent study, more than 73% of people currently working from home want to keep doing it after the lockdown period is over. It seems to me people adapt easier than they expected they will.

Let’s be real to one another, no matter where you are working from, you still have deadlines that need to be executed.

So, should you be working from home or from the office? It all comes down to you and where you are the most effective and this goes hand in hand with the industry you are in.

On my side, I feel I’m a lot more effective when working from home. We do not have somebody popping in for a chat every half an hour, needing something or just wanted to see if you are still alive. Yes, the social side of working in an office is nice. There have to be boundaries as well. When it comes down to efficiency, I feel that working from home is more efficient.

We all have our own unique experience with working from home and all of us know what environment is working for us and which not. The thing is when you are working from home there has to be a routine that you follow. You must have boundaries that should not be crossed. Like it is just so easy for us to move in behind our screens when our office is at home that we actually sometimes forget that this is our home and not an office.

This is why a routine is crucial.

We must know when to work and when it is time for family and loved ones. When to take a break and make time for ourselves

Here is a few Pros and Cons when working from home:

-Pro:   You have the flexibility to take care of appointments and errands:

One of the hardest things committing to a desk job at the office is that it prevents you from being able to handle almost anything in your life that comes up. When working from home, while you still have to meet your deadlines and be available when you say you will be, you have a wider range to tend to responsibilities without putting your job in harm’s way.

-Con:  There is no separation between work and leisure:”

Many working from home find themselves working around the clock because there is no definite start and end date to the day. This makes people feel like they are always at work. They do not have a balance between personal and professional lives.

It a constant act where you have found a balance between taking enough time for work, yourself, and your family.

-Pro:    No traffic and commute expense:

You can save a lot of money when your office is just down your hall in the house. No need to spent hours in traffic to battle your way to work. The amount of time sitting in traffic is now added to your day to get more done.

If more people can work from home the roads will be accessible and traffic will decline drastically.

-Con:  You have to make an effort to get a change of scenery:

You must have a different working space in your house then where you spent your time away from work. Cabin fever is real. Change the scenery from time to time.

Looking at this for me, it will be nice to get to work from home every day, but we do not live in a perfect world and we need to adapt to what is acceptable. It would be nice if you had the option to work from home and still go to the office twice a week just to pop in and have a meeting or three and go back to your home office.

Working from home has clear benefits. No situation is so perfect and working from home also has its flaws. We must clearly understand the reasons to work from home as well as not to work from home. If we can get the balance between when to work and when to stop, we might just learn how to work from home successfully.

Written by Henrico Lazenby

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  1. Thank you Henrico. Maybe Wednesdays can be our work at the office day for face time and connecting with the team.

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