As business we need to plan for the New Normal

Things have changed.

Business has changed.

Lives have changed.

Lockdown (to a certain extend) is over, and we have to pick up the pieces and make do with the cards we have been dealt with. To prepare for the resumption of business, let’s not go back to the way it used to be, but plan for a new course, a new direction.

Here are some helpful tips:

1. VISION BOARD: Visualisation is a powerful exercise that can help you achieve your goals. A vision board can help you envision your business objectives for the future. Create your vision board by cutting out images from magazines, writing action words, and start designing the future of your business.

2. PLAN THE FUTURE: Where do you see your business grow? What do you see for the future? How do you plan to innovate? Take some time to sit in a quiet place with a pen and some paper and map out the future of your business.

3. DEVELOP NEW BUSINESS SKILLS: Is there a business skill you have wanted to sharpen up? Is there a new skill that you wanted to learn and will benefit your business? Take this time to upskill yourself. Listen to podcasts, take an online course, or attend a webinar.

4. CREATE AN ORGANOGRAM: Create an organogram (also known as an organisational chart) that plans how your business will look in 3 years time. What departments will you have? Which roles will need to be filled? Once you have mapped out the hierarchy of your company, start filling in employees.

5. GO ELECTRONIC: Everything is going online. Is your business ready? Start exploring eCommerce options for your business. Consider how you can change your product or service offering going forward.

6. ONLINE PRESENCE: What does your online presence look like? What does it say about you, your brand and your company? Your online presence goes far beyond your website; it includes your social media, reviews, and much more. Make sure that you clearly represent your brand online, update business information, and clean up your digital footprint.

7. CLIENT RESEARCH: Get in touch and engage with your clients. Give them a call, conduct a poll or questionnaire. Get feedback from your clients on your business, find out why they support you and what you can improve on. Your clients are the best resource for market research, so use them.

8. ADAPT YOUR OFFERING: Due to the current global situation, the world is changing, and the way you do business has to adapt. Go through every service and product your business offers and find a new way to deliver your services or get your product to market.

9. PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS: How are you marketing your business during Lockdown, how will you market your business after Lockdown? Now is the time to kick your marketing into high gear. Change up your marketing strategy and make sure that you are seen and heard. Take up space in the market and create a new way of reaching your audience.

10. INSPECT FINANCES: Create a new budget for the next three months; include your cash flow projections. Where can you save costs, make provisions for salaries, look at ways in which you can generate more income during and after Lockdown?

11. STREAMLINE OPERATIONS: Come up with a structured system so that your business can run on a scheduled routine. Create a standard operating procedure and share it with your staff so that they can become familiar with how things will run during and after the lockdown period. By creating a routine, you will streamline operations and save your business a lot of time.

12. ORGANISE YOUR SPACE: Now that you are on track and planning the future of your business, now is the time to declutter and organise your space. A clean and tidy home will help you to become more productive – so take some time to organise and create a calm space in which to work.

13. PLAN YOUR RETURN: Don’t wait until after Lockdown to come up with an action plan for when you re-open. How are you going to re-enter the market? Get ahead of your competition and send out a communication to your clients and target audience on how your business will operate after the lockdown period.

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